Half Man-Makers

Half doesn't make it half the difficulty...Still full difficulty.

βœ… The Set-up
- Place two weights roughly hip-width apart on the ground.
- Get into the top of a plank with hands on the weights (lower body should be on the toes, but can scale to the knees).

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ The Action
- Perform a push up, lowering chest and thighs to the ground, then pressing out to the top of the plank.
- Next, perform a Renegade Row on the right arm, pulling weight to chest with elbows in and knuckles touching ribcage.
- Return weight to ground and body back to the top of a plank with hands on the weights.
- Then, perform a row on the left arm, return to the top of the plank.
- Jump your feet in under your chest (like a Pike out), jump them back to the plank.

βœ… The Finish
- Body supported in a plank position with hands on top of weights.

🧒 Coaching Tips! Keep elbows in throughout the Push-ups and Renegade Rows to maintain a safe shoulder position.

Half Man-Makers

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Half Man-Makers

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