ok boomer, enjoy yourself!

Outrun your grandkids!

Bruce, a 69 year old Gymparty member, running in the parking lot with his 2 year old grandson
No fake smiles required

The other moms will wonder why you're so happy!

Kristin, a Gymparty member, wearing her baby in a carrier.
Minutes, not hours, per session

Live a happier, healthier, life with a few short workouts per week.

Janet, a Gymparty coach, jumping laterally over a black bag on the floor and smiling
You don't need to do it alone

The party is here!

A grid of Gymparty members making silly faces

Some Words from Our Family

Hear it straight from our members. We have stacks of reviews like this, but, you don't have time to read them all. Enjoy.

Cathy A
Sometimes Looks Forward to Burpees
“Thank you! I’m 51 and just now giving myself a break and embracing progress as it comes. Every day is a new day to make it work! Love the community and your approach to fitness and healthy eating!! You guys are doing great work!!”
Ashley P
Still a Badass
“This squad feels super chill and inviting. Not intimidating at all which is exactly what I need as I ease back and remove comparison from what I *used* to be able to do!”
Wendy V
Community Rockstar
“I highly recommend Gymparty for anyone looking to have fun, stay healthy (in ways that matter to you!) and participate in the community. Also, to have coaches that really care about you and your specific goals.”
Brian M
Drinks Beer, Does Fitness
“Even though we don’t workout together it’s amazing how much it feels like we are all part of ONE group.”
Inquiring minds want to know

What To Expect

  1. Supportive and fun community
  2. A coach to message any time
  3. Personalized workouts daily

Toss something heavy in a backpack and let's get started.


Every day we offer you a brand new 30 minute (including the warmup) workout. Whether you have a full home gym or no equipment at all we personalize each workout for your situation and ability!


You can even do our Workout of the Day live with a coach. Get feedback on your movements, hear real time tips and tricks, and chat with other members just like an in-person group class.


Take this short time for yourself to practice gratitude and set aside the stress in your life. Move through gentle flow and breath work to calm the body and mind. Live and recorded 20 minute sessions available.


A Pilates-style class centered around core movements that will also help strengthen your back, hips, legs, and arms. And, no, this isn't a program to quickly get 6-pack abs. We'll let other companies sell you that scam.

Don't stress - We personalize these for you

Recent Workouts

Power up!
Power up!
May 11, 2021

Just twelve minutes of work today that includes short spurts and rests.

Monday Madness
Monday Madness
May 10, 2021

Today's workout has all the things which means a lot of room for fun.

One MOTHER of a Workout!
One MOTHER of a Workout!
May 8, 2021

Time to celebrate your MOM with a workout that is fun and sometimes difficult, all in one ;)

Live and Interactive Classes

Coach Janet slurping Vietnamese noodles from a bowl and holding chopsticks
Did someone say carbs?

Send Noods

There are about a million health and fitness programs out there to get bored of and quit after a few weeks. This isn't one of them. Ever been sent on a selfie scavenger hunt in your neighborhood? Or challenged to eat the rainbow, of fruits and veggies, in a week. We constantly throw doses of fun like that into the mix.

We don't take ourselves too seriously and hope you get a kick out of our down to Earth style. We don't do highly produced studio fitness. This is the real world. We bring you fitness from our living rooms, on our porches, and in our back yards.

We have, in fact:
  • Fallen while demoing
  • Knocked over a chair
  • Licked by a dog
  • Forgot to un-mute

Variety is the spice of life and our constantly varied functional programming (emphasis on the fun) will have you moving better than ever and keep you coming back for more. You have the option of doing the workouts on your own or with an interactive live group class.

We have daily Flow, Yoga, and Core as well as a HIIT Bootcamp workout created by a CrossFit certified coach that you can do on your own time. Don't be scared off by that "C" word though. You can do all of our workouts with a full backpack, a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, or even no equipment at all. You won't be asked to lift hundreds of pounds, swing on gymnastics rings, or do pushups from a handstand. Unless you want to. We won't stop you. Post video.

You'll get the most from the program if you do our HIIT Bootcamp workout 3-4 times per week. It usually takes about 30 minutes, including a quick warmup.

"Abs are made in the kitchen," the saying goes. The saying is right, of course. No amount of working out will get you a low enough body fat percentage to see defined six-pack abs. But, what they don't tell you is how long you have to starve yourself to get them. To be honest, we don't even want abs. They're not worth it. There. We said it.

You'll notice our coaches have a healthy body composition but do not look like body builders. We regularly eat and drink what we love and think you should too. We don't even call it a cheat day. Usually it's just your average Tuesday. We don't think you need to eat like a professional athlete to be healthy.

Our nutrition philosophy is founded in quality of food. We look to maximize nutrient density to help fuel your health and activity. You won't see us adhering to quick fixes or fad diets, only sustainable changes that work with your biology and metabolism. Get a custom nutrition plan just for you when you sign up for our Take Flight plan.

Alright, you got us, we won't pretend to know the secret of happiness. We're just normal people that try our best. A combination of fun, fitness, and food can't hurt though! Quality of life is important to us.

It's pretty great when you can run around and play with your kids or grandkids until they are tired.

Having a few slices of pizza without feeling guilty ranks pretty high on the happiness scale.

Being fit enough to effortlessly get out of bed or off the couch in your later years is wonderful.

Never weighing yourself or looking at a scale. Amazing.

Stopping or managing life threatening chronic diseases. We'll take two orders of that please.

moms deserve something special

Are You a Mama Bird?

We've created a special program catered to all the moms and moms-to-be out there! Our goal is to create a safe, judgement-free space to provide positive support wherever you’re at in your step of motherhood.

Get exclusive access to a private moms-only group with recipes, nutrition information, and workout guidance just for you. No dads allowed.

Simply sign up for our Take Flight plan and let your personal coach know you're a mom or mom-to-be!

P.S. Kids make great workout buddies.
Coach Laura standing on a path in a grass field, with a blue sky in the background, tossing her toddler into the air and smiling
Shhh, don't tell anyone

Our Secret Sauce

Meet new friends and bring yours along for the ride. Give the coaches a hard time. Post those proud sweaty selfies without annoying your social media followers. This is by far our favorite part of the program.
Would you rather... Play a fun game or watch paint dry? Seems like a no brainer. We think fitness should be fun too. You won't get bored around here.
New workouts are released every day, bringing you a never ending supply of fitness. Some of our members get so excited they watch the app and eagerly await the release of the next day's workout.
Your very own non-judgey, empathetic, personal coach is assigned when you join the party. Shoot them a DM and ask questions whenever you'd like. They'll also reach out regularly to check in.
Whether you have bad knees and a backpack full of books, or are pregnant and go to a fully equipped garage gym, our workouts are custom tailored for you!
Comparinator 3000

After your free 30 days, choose a plan that's right for you

Satisfaction guaranteed! Cancel or change your plan at any time.

Bulk pricing available for corporate accounts, personal trainers, and CrossFit affiliates. Contact us for details.

Get the community and all of our workouts FREE forever. Pay just $19/mo for personalization and on-demand group classes or $49/mo for live classes and your own personal coach!

See full pricing details
Bruce S
Not Old, Experienced
“I love knowing that I’m getting a well-rounded workout that I not only feel good after, but also don't hurt myself since I’m 69 this year and don’t have any coach around to watch me! The group is really fun and supportive and I’m motivated to tell them how I did because everyone else is so encouraging.”
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