Bulgarian Split Stance Jump

The Bulgarians sure know how to work those hip flexors!

βœ… The Set-up
- Stand with feet underneath your shoulders, with an elevated surface roughly arm's distance behind you.
- Bring one foot up and back, placing the top of the foot on the surface, elevating it.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ The Action
- Lower yourself down, bending the front knee to a 90 degree angle, back knee bends but does not touch the ground.
- Push off your front foot to jump off of the ground, then land softly, stand.
- Repeat jumps on same leg, then switch sides.

βœ… The Finish
- Standing up fully with front leg locked out and back foot on an elevated surface.

🧒 Coaching Tips! Squeeze your butt at the top of each movement to jump higher!

Bulgarian Split Stance Jump

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Bulgarian Split Stance Jump

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