Suitcase Deadlifts

βœ… The Set-up
- Stand with feet underneath your shoulders.
- With a flat back and bent knees, hold onto an object at the side of your body.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ The Action
- Drive out of your heels, pushing the ground away, keeping shoulders over your object and toes.
- Once your hands get to the level of your knees, bring your chest back and up.
- Stand up at the top, lower yourself back down the way you came up.

βœ… The Finish
- Standing up fully both legs fully locked out, weight held at the side of your body.

🧒 Coaching Tips! Pinch shoulder blades back to keep a safe back angle.

Suitcase Deadlifts

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Suitcase Deadlifts

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