Heel Taps

- Sit on the ground with legs straight in front of you
- Ankles touching, place an object that's about 3-5" off of the ground directly to the right of your ankles
- Place your hands on the ground next to your torso/hips to stabilize the trunk, lift both legs together up and over the object, touching the other side, keeping knees extended, repeat

Heel Taps

Core Movements

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Heel Taps

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2021-07-13 CHOP it up to a Good Time! by Coach Janet
CHOP it up to a Good Time!
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December 19, 2020

Today's workout is intended on giving you a bit of a break from weights to hit up a bodyweight bonanza, focused on the core and shoulders.

Jumping Hinge/Pull
Jumping Hinge/Pull

Warm-up: Jumping Hinge/Pull

2020-11-18 Warm-up
2020-11-18 Warm-up

2020-11-18 Warm-up