Turkish Get-ups

Bonus points if you can do this with a Turkish coffee! ☕️

- Lay on the ground with an object held towards the ceiling (arms locked out) in the right arm
- Bend the right knee so that foot is flat on the ground, left leg straight
- Left arm out to the side in a T position with the body
- Actively punch up with the right arm keeping elbow extended
- Roll bodyweight towards your left elbow
- Weight should be supported on the left elbow and left hip
- Extend elbow and transfer weight to the hand
- Push off of right foot and lift left hip up off the ground
- Keep looking up at weight with arm locked
- Weight should be in right foot and left hand
- Sweep left leg underneath body so the knee is now on the ground
- Left knee and right foot supporting bodyweight as the left hand comes off ground
- Lunge upwards with right arm still locked out and weight overhead
- Stand up, lower self down in reverse order, switch sides

Turkish Get-ups

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Turkish Get-ups

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