Single-arm Squat Snatches

You're going to need all the muscles, joints, and faith for this movement.

✅ The Set-up
- Stand with feet under hips.
- Hold a weight in one arm, held in front of your hips.

🏃‍♂️ The Action
- Lean your chest over, pushing your butt back, weight travels a few inches down your legs.
- Jump upwards.
- In one continuous motion, pull your elbow up and punch the weight over your head, feet landing in a squat stance.
- Ride the squat down to the bottom, below parallel.
- Stand up.

The Finish
- Standing up with one weight locked out overhead in one arm, feet in squat stance.

🧢 Coaching Tips! Pull elbows up and outside in the middle to keep the weight close to your body.

Single-arm Squat Snatches

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Single-arm Squat Snatches

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