Lateral Lunge to High-Pull

✅ The Set-up
- Stand with feet under hips, hold weight in right hand.

🏃‍♂️ The Action
- Take a wide step outside of shoulders to the left, with knees staying over toes.
- Sit butt back and down to where your hip crease goes beneath knee, drive off heel and jump up, simultaneously driving off hard at the top and pull the weight to your clavicle.
- Return arm back to straight.

✅ The Finish
- Standing with knees/hips fully locked in a wide stance (outside the shoulders), with a single weight pulled to shoulder level with one arm.

🧢 Coaching Tips! Make sure your knees and toes track for the safest position.

Lateral Lunge to High-Pull

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Lateral Lunge to High-Pull

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