Copenhagen Planks

Those Danes know the very best of pastries and adductor exercises.

βœ… The Set-up
- Lay on your side hip on the ground, with an elevated surface (chair) near your feet.
- With a bent knee, place the inside of the upper knee onto the elevated surface.
- Bottom leg on the ground.
- Upper body weight oriented on your elbow, placed perpendicular with the body.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ The Action
- Push away from the ground with your elbow, elevating your torso.
- Push bottom leg against ground, top inside knee against chair.
- Squeeze your butt at the top and hold.

βœ… The Finish
- Body supported on the elbow and top knee with hips open.
- Bottom leg not touching the ground.

🧒 Coaching Tips! Squeeze inside of the bottom leg to pull it completely off of the ground.

Copenhagen Planks

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Copenhagen Planks

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