We Help Seniors Thrive


e help seniors thrive so they can improve their quality of life and keep up with their grandkids. 

Our Senior Strong classes are led by coaches who know how to adjust and modify for each person to make sure our seniors move well and feel great! Every person is different! The group class setting offers a fun social environment, but the coaching gives it a personal training experience, so it’s the best of both worlds. 

Get Started!
  1. Connect with a Coach so we can get to know you!
  2. Join class every Tues and Thurs at 11am.

Our amazing community is inclusive and full of diverse seniors who all start out at their own level and will make you feel welcomed to right off that bat.

Meet Bruce

Felt stuck on the couch and wanted to be able to keep up with his growing grandson. 

I am 69 years old and with the help of the coaches I am able to do the exercises to my ability. Besides workouts they have many other classes that are easy to follow. Gymparty has made it possible for me to stay healthy and keep up with my 3-year old grandson.

Meet Lou

Wanted to build strength to improve her daily life. 

I want to be strong enough to open a pickle jar! I am extremely happy with this program and the pace. Appreciate the workouts and the diversity of the training.

Meet Carolyn

Never worked out a day in her life. Wanted to improve her joint mobility and get stronger. 

I feel stronger! My core feels stronger. My back would always hurt and I was always hunched over and now I’m sitting up straighter. Little by little and each time I feel stronger and a little more flexible and relaxed and more encouraged.

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