Our Coaches' Favorite At-Home Equipment Picks


ooking for the perfect gift for the fitness-fanatic in your life? Or maybe you want to treat yourself (ain't nothing wrong with that)! Oftentimes, we're led to believe that in order to get a great workout, we need to spend money on fancy expensive equipment that takes up a lot of space. That is false, my friends!! We're here to help you find affordable, space-saving options that will rival any piece of cardio machine.

Coach Julse's Favorite Yoga Picks!

1. Tune-up Balls

Where to find it: Direct Source, Amazon

* Alternative - tennis balls and a sock

2. Best Yoga Mat on the Market

Where to find it: Direct Source, Amazon

* Alternative - any old floor space will do just fine! If you're on hard floors, have a folded blanket or towel nearby to pad the knees.

3. Blocks (wide)

Where to find it: Direct Source, Amazon

*Alternative - canned food from the cupboard, the bigger the better!

4. Yoga Strap

Where to find it: Direct Source, Amazon

* Alternatives - a long belt, long towel rolled up, exercise band (thera band)

5. Bundled Blocks and Strap

Where to find it: Direct Source, Amazon

Coach Cheryl's Favorite Make-ya-Sweat Picks!

Under $50!

Amazon Dumbbells 

What I Look For: 
  • HEX shape - easier for versatile movements, won’t roll around!
  • Pricing that’s around $1.50 per pound or cheaper.

Amazon Step Stool/Bench

Good For:
  • Jumping/stepping onto or over.
  • Elevating a leg for Lunges or Deadlifts.
  • Bench pressing!


Adjustable Dumbbell + Barbell Set

Benefits: adjustable weights all in one! No need for multiple sets of weights. 

Convertible Step Stool

Benefits: different heights by just adding more levels! Levels lie flat so easily stores underneath a couch.

Coach Virginia's Favorite f(ab)ulous Picks!

Stability Ball

I sit on mine a lot just to keep an eye on my posture. Bonus extra seating for guests!


For carpeted areas. Amps up your planks and mountain climbers. * Alternative: use paper towels or paper plates for hardwood floors


Perfect, lightweight, and super versatile for large or small spaces.


Keep your eyes peeled in these unexpected places to find cheap equipment!

  • Nextdoor App
  • Marshall’s / TJ Maxx / Home Goods
  • Use the Honey app to track price drops on Amazon! They’ll send you an email when prices drop on the items you choose.

Coach Janet's Favorite Warm-up Picks!

Sling Shot Hip Circle

Not only should you not skip leg day, but you definitely shouldn't skip a good leg day warm-up. The Sling Shot hip circle is the best way to get those legs and 🍑 activated.

Speed Rope

Jumping rope is a fun way to get your heart rate up without the need for a big clunky machine.

Foam Roller/Massage Set

Take your joint mobility to the next level, with this inexpensive foam roller/massage set.

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