For the Mama Birds! 👩‍👧‍👦


e help busy moms and moms-to-be navigate some time for themselves so they are healthier and happier.

Our caring coaches will learn about you, your #momlife, then create a wellness plan to add more health and happiness to your day. Every mom is different! We help with workout guidance and modifications, understanding nutrition, and honestly, sometimes we’re just the gigantic ear you need to vent. 

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Our amazing community is inclusive and full of diverse moms who are supportive and NEVER judgey giving you a place you will feel welcomed in right off that bat.

Meet Kristin

Busy working mom trying to find some time to take care of herself. 

Before it was all about doing whatever it takes to reach a weight or size goal, and now it's more about finding a way to take care of myself better so my body settles into a healthier state. I haven't even met anybody in person but feel so much love here from Coach Cheryl, Coach Janet, and the entire Gymparty fam!

Meet EJ

Busy working mom of 2, trouble with consistency and sustainable relationship with food. 

It's the first time I feel like I am on a sustainable, healthy eating path and my body feels great! The live bootcamp classes are so fun and the community is so welcoming to everyone at any age or level. They also build up their member community with fun games and virtual events, so I truly feel like I have this new, expanded support system for my long term wellness and accountability. It's helped keep me grounded and sane through shelter-in-place and I plan to stick with them for as long as I can!

Meet Carrie

Busy working mom of 2, looking for safe workouts to do while pregnant, feeling alone and unmotivated. 

I decided to ask for help to stay motivated through shelter-in-place and a second pregnancy. I was looking for a more personal workout regimen with higher accountability than I was getting from my normal (currently online) gym. Gymparty has built a fun online community for their clients. They are responsive daily, and never fail help when you most need it.

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