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e help everyday people find joy in fitness and nutrition by coaching them through effective ways to fit into their specific lifestyles. 

Our coaches care! Like, really care. One size does not fit all! We help with workout guidance and modifications, understanding nutrition, and we’re there to lift you up throughout the process. 

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Our amazing community is inclusive and full of diverse humans adding a fun group feel while still giving you a personalized touch. Warning: you may make some friends with some really great people.

Meet Hildy

Looking for some motivation after lockdown.

Since getting back on the activity train, Gymparty has helped  me with motivation and consistency. Classes are low stress and high fun. Coach Virginia’s Core classes have helped me ease into the idea that I can be strong! I love that class is focused on having fun instead of being competitive - half the class is laughing at Virginia’s jokes while trying to hold a plank.

Meet Joel

Busy dad who wants to be strong enough to lift his daughter until she’s in her 30s. 

I’ve seriously had a blast with Gymparty and I’ve finally been able to start working an effective and manageable movement routine into my week, via live classes, recorded sessions, and very well-written instructions. The community is awesome and the coaches are super engaged and available.

Meet Tara

Workout fanatic (woohoo) who needed help maintaining a safe workout routine after a knee injury slowed her down. 

I am pretty proud of the fact that I have been consistent in dialing back the crazy a bit...not feeling like I need to be doing more and more. I have made progress and have been feeling better because of it. Thanks for being the voice of reason for me as I think I would have worked myself into a bigger injury.

Meet Scott

Just your ordinary dad of 3 girls and a dog looking to stay fit to maintain a fun and healthy lifestyle. 

I have really appreciated having access to fitness coaching, core training, flow, and yoga classes, and incorporating fitness-via-Zoom into my day.  The instructors know their stuff, are very professional, and a lot of fun, and genuinely care about each participant.  The style is one of encouragement and challenge as opposed to pushing.  An important difference… Coaches are always available for questions and additional help. I have really appreciated the focus on technique and inclusiveness.  All abilities are welcome, and scaling options are provided so people of all abilities can participate and benefit.

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