Weighted Burpees

If you love burpees, you're going to LOVE weighted burpees! Oh, what's that? You never said you loved burpees? Well, this is awkward.

✅ The Set-up
- Stand up with weight(s) in your hands at hip level.

🏃‍♂️ The Action
- Lean towards the ground with a flat back and bent knees.
- Aim weights down but slightly in front of you.
- Jump out to the top of the Plank position with hands on the weight(s).
- Lower chest and thighs fully onto the ground.
- Push off of the floor and jump feet towards weights.
- Stand up with weights in hands.

✅ The Finish
- Standing upright with weight(s) in hands.

🧢 Coaching Tips! Jump feet between the weights to set yourself up for a proper Deadlift on the way up.

Weighted Burpees

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Weighted Burpees

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Burpee Family

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