Sit-up + Press

Here were sit-ups, just hanging around minding their business, doing their own thing...then all of a sudden, the shoulders came around and wanted to be involved.

โœ… The Set-up
- Sit on your bottom on the ground with feet forward.
- Hold one object between two hands with elbows extended next to your ears, actively reaching up towards the ceiling.

๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ The Action
- Begin to lay back towards the ground while pushing the object towards the ceiling throughout.
- At the bottom, object will lay over the chest at the bottom.
- Initiate sit-up and return to an upright torso position with weight held overhead.

โœ… The Finish
- Sitting on the ground with legs straight forward, arms holding a weight overhead.

๐Ÿงข Coaching Tips! Look straight ahead the entire time to keep your neck safe!

Sit-up + Press

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Sit-up + Press

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Core Movements

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