Handstand Hold

โœ… The Set-up
- Kick-up: face a wall, roughly an arm's distance away.
- Wall-facing: get into the bottom of a push-up position with feet touching the wall behind you.

๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ The Action
- Kick-up: place both hands on the ground shoulder-width, with elbows extended and shoulders actively pushing away from the ground, kick feet up to the wall, arms locked out.
- Wall-facing: Wall Climb up a wall with your chest facing the wall and hold the top position, actively pushing away from the ground, arms locked out.

โœ… The Finish
- An inverted position with feet stacked over your hips and shoulders, either facing the wall or facing out.

๐Ÿงข Coaching Tips! Squeeze your legs together to keep the handstand a stronger position.

Handstand Hold

Shoulder Stability

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Handstand Hold

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Pike Handstand Hold

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