March Madness


ou thought February was fun...wait till you see what we have in store for March! It's the return of our Parent Party and Mama Social Hour this month so make sure you save the dates on your calendars. There are also some exciting schedule changes with new additions that will give you variety and provide more options for you to take care of not just your body, but your overall well-being.

Let's Party! 🎉

New Classes

After a lot of thought and consideration (seriously, we were going back and forth like Pong), we've decided to remove Meditation + Flow from the schedule permanently. This was a hard decision since this class has been such a staple since we've started, but we're moving forward with the intention of best fulfilling the needs of the community.

That being said, please take a look at all the new additions we know you'll love!

Don't Hate, Meditate.
This 20-min class is an approachable guide to a consistent meditation practice. There will be a mixture of some movement to prep the mind and body and then full meditation for the remainder of class. We are starting off with 5 minutes of practice with the goal being 15 minutes by the end of the month

Available on-demand! 📼

Stiff as a Board?
Have no fear, this class focuses on recovering your joints and will be planned around areas we've tackled from the Workout of the Day. So, on those heavy burpee weeks you won't be SO mad at Coach Janet.

Available on-demand! 📼

Start 'em Young.
Coach Janet will help your kiddos work out all that pent up virtual learning energy orrr they might just talk about their favorite Disney characters the whole time. Either way, you get a break from them!

New Class Schedule
Starts Monday, March 15th!

*All times in PST.


We have two events back by popular demand, our Parent Party and Mama Bird Social Hour! See below for more details.

Workout with your kiddos!
A special 30-min class that incorporates your small human.
FREE event so please share and invite your friends and family. The more the merrier!
Join the party here!

Along with all the normal mom fun, we'll be discussing the following:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing: hands on tutorial of how-to!
  • Estrogen & Hormones: how changing levels affect our postpartum period, menstrual cycles, cravings, and energy. More importantly, what we can DO about it!
  • Postnatal Activity: our bodies and how they have changed FOREVER after having a baby. What we can/should look for when exercising (any phase).

There will  be a special mama care package sent to everyone attending, so please RSVP with Cheryl as soon as you can!

Let us know if you have any questions on any of the above!

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