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ow that we’re almost 9-months into our new COVID lifestyle, it’s been plenty of time for your body to adjust to changes, spending more time at home. 

We’re all juggling plenty of stressors, and the first thing to go is usually our own self-care. We eat mindlessly. We’re glued to computers. Sleep is inconsistent.

One big problem area for people? SNACKING AT HOME!

Here are some snacking ideas to help you  appropriately prioritize your mind and health!

Snacking Tips: The Four P’s to Snacking at Home

1. Proximity


- In your fridge or pantry, place the healthier items in front, and items you want to consume less in back where they’re further to see

- Display healthy items in big, clear containers for you to see! Things you wanna consume less in smaller, opaque ones that may even be harder to open ;)

Spread It Out

- Try to have healthy options available everywhere you store food, not just the perishables in the fridge.

- The pantry is also somewhere you can have some nutrient-dense alternatives to snacks - nuts, meat sticks, lesser-processed crunchy options like rice cakes - it’s not just a place for cereal and chips!

- The more you SEE the healthy options, the more likely you are to incorporate a healthier snacking idea!

2. Portions


- Take time to thoughtfully arrange your food on your plate. Just as much as it is more visually appealing to eat a plate that looks fuller, portions also look larger if you arrange and present them optimally. Perception is reality.

Food Plating
Just as much as it is more visually appealing to eat a plate that looks fuller, portions also look larger if you arrange and present them optimally. Perception is reality.

- Use a smaller dessert plate to put your meals on. When we fill up smaller plates with MORE food, our perception of how much we’re eating changes.

- When you want seconds, fill ‘er up again! The action of getting a second plate PLUS filling that plate fully tricks your mind into thinking that you’re eating more than you are.

- Another benefit? Having two plates may force you to slow down your consumption rate, which has the possible benefit of eating less overall (stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on this!)

Alcohol Consumption

- We all need a little ROSE ALL DAY during our #QuarantineLife. Next time you pour that glass, use a taller, slimmer glass. Similarly to our smaller plate, seeing a glass literally more than half full will make us feel like we’re drinking more.

- We also may drink at a slower pace and therefore drink a bit less overall. Pace is key to avoiding any unwanted side effects ;) 

Mega Purchases

- We’ve all had that moment where we purchase a Costco-sized bag of Doritos and devour the entire thing. Buying in bulk is cost-effective, but can also be dangerous because it alters our perception of what a serving size is.

For this snacking idea, next time you get a snack in bulk, place some portion-sized servings in a baggie or container. Place those in your cupboard and then place the rest of the bag in the garage. Reuse those baggies for the next serving! #staygreen

3. Planning


- Whether you have an e-calendar or good ‘ol fashioned paper and pen, take a look at the following week and see which and how many days you’ll need home-prepped meals.

- Even though we’re at home, still plan on prepping meals for your days like you would any other workday, especially if you know you’re going to be busy. 

Grocery Prep

- Then, make a list or note for which items you’ll need when shopping next. You can write down your meats, veggies, grains, and all snacking ideas.

- Planning is even MORE important now because we’re all trying to reduce our number of trips to the store! #essentialtravel

4. Prepping

Integrate Planning

- Check out your plan for the week and execute on prepping meals for the week. Don’t count on having time to prepare meals before work or during your lunch hour.

- Use the time that you’ve gained to spend some time stretching, meditating, or even just taking a walk outside!

Chop Chop!
Chop Chop! Spend some time chopping everything you bought and put in a container for easier use later!

- Cut veggies or things that take some labor ahead of time. Doing a big bulk chop session will save you the time of getting the food out of and putting the food back into the fridge each time. Time saved is money earned!

Bulk Prep

- Items like grains (rice, lentils, etc.) and meats, bulk prepare by cooking a larger amount on the weekend or beginning of the week. It’s easier to cook those items all at once and then save it for later.


- Once you’ve prepped your food, place in small containers for your upcoming meals. These can be either bulk chopped ingredients OR entire meals that you have arranged together. 

Eating Out 

- Want to get some meals delivered from the local eatery? #supportsmallbusiness. We encourage you to dine out (or really, dine in with some delivery), but still, put it in your calendar like any other day

- This way, you can place a limit on how much you’re eating out and it can still fall within the structure of your nutrition routine.

The Takeaway

When it comes to reducing mindless eating & incorporating healthy snacking ideas, portions, preparedness, proximity, and meal prepping all play key roles. It’s a synergistic relationship between the four.

Not sure where to start?

First, address the grocery shopping portion. Stock yourself up with the right ingredients, then learn how to store and portion size in your household second. Next time you head to the store, try to equip yourself with the best chances of success. The most tools in your toolbox… or really veggies in your fridge ;)

Need any nutrition help?

Don’t know what you should be shopping for in the grocery store to fuel your lifestyle and goals? That’s what we’re here for! Ask your coach or join the Gymparty program for support!

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