Healthy Lazy Chef 's 👩‍🍳 Top 3 Trader Joes Frozen Meals


ver look into your refrigerator and think, “dang… there’s nothing to eat! … hmm I’ll just eat a bag of chips.” 😫 When we haven’t prepped food, food has run out, or we’re just under motivated, nutritional choices may not be optimal for your goals.

I’m gonna let you in on an under-utilized secret: FROZEN FOODS! No, not TV dinners with mushy green beans and nasty additives. There are LOTS of options and configurations of frozen foods that are healthy! It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Trader Joes! Not just for the convenience factor, but there are lots of delicious options that are well-balanced meals. 😋

Top 3 Trader Joes Frozen Meals

1. Cuban Bowl

Kinda looks like split pea soup, but that’s cause we ran out of mixed veggies & only had peas! Diced some cilantro for the top!

Why I love it! This dish has prawns and plantains and the yellow coloring comes from turmeric, a wonderful spice that goes a long way to flavoring anything you add to the dish!

Level-up! Add in a sausage, to increase the protein content, and some mixed veggies to make the dish more robust.

2. Country Potatoes with Haricots Verts & Wild Mushrooms

I like a LOT of veggies, but you can go more potato heavy if you’re looking for more starch! Sprinkled some feta on top. *pinkies up*

Why I love it! This recipe has a buttery, onion seasoning in the main dish, so a little bit goes a long way!

Level-up! Add ground meat, more green beans and peas to the recipe to help balance out the abundance of potatoes and mushrooms.

3. Channa Masala + Rice

Why I love it: Vegetarian flare!

Level-up! Want both types of rice? Mix the two together for a 50/50 jasmine to cauliflower rice mix! Option to add in ground beef for meat lovers.

The Recipe For Frozen Food Success

  1. Frozen Meal - in a box or package that has some bomb flavor profiles or themes - you can use the seasonings from this to be a theme of your dish!
  2. Frozen Veggies - increases nutritional value and fiber.
  3. Frozen Meatzzz - thaw, then cook your favorite meat at the beginning of the week, throw it in a tupperware, and save it for when you wanna add it to the skillet!

When searching for the MAIN dish, check the ingredient label for names you can pronounce and recognize! Then, you’ll be on your road to frozen food meal prep success!

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