March 12, 2021 12:15 PM

minute class hosted by
Rusty Bruner
Coach Rusty
Bootcamp Barista

Every Mon-Fri 12:15pm, Wed/Thurs 7:15am, and Sat 9:15am PST

In This Class

Not sure if you're moving correctly? Feeling a little lonely sweating by yourself? Need some social interaction with someone aside from your kids? Say no more! Our awesome coaches are here to lead you through the workout of the day in a fun group session with a personal training feel.

"Do I have to turn my camera on?"

Too shy about working out in front of others? Not a problem. Feel free to leave your camera off and you can still get the benefits of having a coach there with you.

"I don't have weights."

Minimal to no equipment required! We can help you get creative with things around the house or we can sub in bodyweight-only exercises.

"I don't have any experience."

Well, if you're reading this then that means you're interested in trying something new and that ROCKS!! Beginners are always welcome and we're really good at catering to each person's needs so don't worry because you're in good hands!

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Get Ready

Skies out Thighs Out

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Today we're slowing things down with a different kind of plank. We're targeting our adductors and abductors (outside thigh, inside thigh). These movements aren't super complex, but they are super effective. Then, just to put a stamp on everything, we'll end with some lateral movements.

Get Ready

✅ Something to elevate your leg on for Copenhagen Planks. Might need a cushion if you're on your knee.
✅ Something to step on or over.
✅ Weight for Lateral Lunge + High-Pull