Rusty Bruner

Rusty Bruner

Bootcamp Barista

I'm Rusty. I'm originally from San Luis Obispo, CA.  I hold Crossfit's L3 certification, their Kids Certificate, and I am also on CrossFit's Seminar Staff, this allows me to travel around the world to educate CrossFit trainers.  My style of coaching is to create a light hearted and encouraging atmosphere to workout in.  I tell jokes and make it fun, after all we're exercising, it shouldn't be taken too seriously.  I do take proper movement seriously however, it is my goal to make every member move the best they can and more importantly, to move safely.

I like to ask members how work is going for them, what are they excited about, what do they want to accomplish in the gym.  I find that one of the best ways to develop a relationship with someone is to stay curious about them.

I love teaching bootcamp because it's fun interacting with members and developing relationships.  It's also a lot of fun watching human movement and correcting it.  One of the most gratifying things as a coach is seeing an individual's personal fitness progression.

I try to take the pressure off of members to do more than they are willing and capable of doing, to meet themselves where they are and embrace it while at the same time helping them to see where they can go with their fitness and health.  I put the ownership on the members to push themselves physically; I'm not worried about my perception of their hard work and intensity level in a workout, as long as they're satisfied with themselves is all that matters to me.

I work at Gymparty because I believe in Janet and the mission she has put before herself and the rest of us.  Janet told me about her aspirations for Gymparty, what she wanted to build, a fitness business based on zero pretension and complete support for its participants, and I wanted to contribute how I could.  Janet and I worked together at NorCal CrossFit.

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