Straight-Leg Dead Bugs

Ever wonder what it feels to be squashed like a bug? This movement is great for engaging your midline, no matter how dead you might feel.

The Set-up
- Lie on your back on the ground.
- Bring legs up so that they are perpendicular with your body, heels facing the ceiling, knees are straight.
- Arms are reaching towards the ceiling, straight elbows.
- Core is engaged with lower back flat against the ground.

🏃‍♂️ The Action
- Lower your heel/leg foot towards the ground, keeping it straight, while lowering your left (opposite) arm back behind your head, keeping it straight.
- Return leg and arm to center, switch sides.
- Continue performing in a controlled, slow fashion.

The Finish
- Lying on your back with legs and arms straight up, low back flat against ground.

🧢 Coaching Tips! Think of sucking your belly button down to your spine throughout the entire movement!

Straight-Leg Dead Bugs

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Straight-Leg Dead Bugs

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