Knee-supported Copenhagen Plank

✅ The Set-up
- Lie on your side with your knees bent with an elevated surface (chair, stool) at your feet.
- Balance on a side plank on your elbow.
- Place inside of the top knee onto an elevated surface.

🏃‍♂️ The Action
- Push inside of top knee onto elevated surface and squeeze your butt to bring hips up.
- Bottom leg comes off of the ground and remains straight.
- Ptrong press into the ground to keep shoulder from sagging, abs engaged, hold it!

✅ The Finish
- Side plank position with upper knee elevated onto surface, supporting the entire body that's in one straight line.

🧢 Coaching Tips! Raise and squeeze the bottom leg UP towards the chair/surface to keep it legit!

Knee-supported Copenhagen Plank

Skies Out, Thighs Out

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Knee-supported Copenhagen Plank

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