Cohort Plan

Perfect if you’re brand new or getting back into fitness. 


ur small groups allow us to give you all the attention, information, and guidance you need in 6-months. Not only will you have 2 coaches, one dedicated to fitness and one dedicated to nutrition at your fingertips, but you’ll have others in the cohort to lean on and hate burpees with together.

  • Not feeling your best, physically and mentally
  • Willing to do the work and understand that we’re not serving magic pills and quick fixes.
  • Looking to commit to something different because what has worked for you in the past, is not currently working for you now.
  • You want to have fun!
  • Access to some workout equipment whether at home or in a gym, i.e. some dumbbells, jump rope, bands, mat, etc..
  • Not required but welcomed with open arms: parents!
What to Expect
  • Special, super fun workout program designed to get you back to consistency. Complete 4-5 workouts a week that includes a mix of strength training and conditioning that is catered to you and your goals. Each workout will vary and be between 20-45 minutes long, including warm-up. Always happy to adjust any part of the workout based on your level of fitness and/or injuries.
  • Your own nutrition coach that will guide you towards what works best for you and your lifestyle. Your coach will check in, help keep you accountable, and be there to assess any necessary changes along the way.
  • Coach available to you daily (between 7am-7pm) for questions, accountability, sharing wins, struggles, and funny memes.
Next Cohort starts July 2024!

Everything for $219/month or $1200 6-months paid in full.

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Happy Highlights

Jennifer (can I pet your dog?) Gonnella
Jen hated the idea of working out more than anyone we've ever met. Back pain brought her to us and, since joining, she's regained her mobility and turned that hatred into a mild dislike."My perception of working out was hardcore, balls-to-the-wall, intensity, and I am not that person. I'm a fun person. I'm not competitive. My goal is not to compete with anybody. Mine is all about strengthening and being able to be mobile and sit up in bed."We asked her what's the coolest thing she's noticed now that she does Gymparty and she said "Everything, from picking up stuff at Costco to yard work to ... my whole life".