60-Min Yoga

February 9, 2021 7:30 AM

minute class hosted by
Julse Bautista
Coach Julse
Zen Enthusiast

Every Tues 12pm PST.

In This Class

(30 Min) Rise & shine with some breath and movement designed to create space in the back of the body, specifically our hamstrings.

Improve your balance, posture, flexibility and zen in our Yoga class. Open to all levels! Sometimes, people say things like "well, I'm not flexible enough for Yoga". We do not discriminate against people who can't touch their toes. There are no prior flexibility requirements and our awesome instructor will make sure to help guide you safely into positions.

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Get Ready

Strap, belt, towel, or theraband are recommended, but not required. If you are a member of the tight hamstring club, this one is for you.