Fun Events

January 16, 2021 3:00 PM

minute class hosted by
Cheryl Licon Hargrove
Coach Cheryl
Your Best Bud

Fun virtual events sprinkled through the year 🎉

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Mama Bird Social

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Get Ready

Let's hang, mom-style! Social hour to gather, talk about our experiences, and have some laughs! Drinks or mommy mocktails welcomed!

Topics: the agenda below will be discussed round robin style! Below are certain examples of sub topics we can discuss, but are not required! Bring any of your own experiences, thoughts, or questions with you, or simply come to listen and absorb! No pressure :)

Favorite Areas of Motherhood

  1. Logistical - changes in priorities?
  2. Emotional - changes to your own heart? Oxytocin is a real thing!
  3. Physical - your body is different now, what do you love about it?
  4. Mental - how has it shifted the way you see the world?

Managing Stress

  1. What are the best ways you've found to manage stress when you encounter it?
  2. What are some areas you want to work on?
  3. Do you notice certain triggers?

Balancing Your Relationship with Your Partner

  1. What are some things that drastically changed when your child arrived
  2. What are some obstacles you encountered?
  3. What were certain remedies you found were helpful to you and your partner?

Everyone who attends will be entered into a raffle to win some Gymparty swag! 🎉