Laura Bruner

Laura Bruner

Flow Master

I'm Laura and I have certifications in Nutrition, Crossfit, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.  And as a Modern Mamas Podcast cohost and Gymparty's Mamabird coach, I bring my training and research in pregnancy and postpartum fitness and recovery to empower women through every stage of the motherhood transition and beyond.

I love coaching meditation and flow because I believe that movement, nutrition, and mindset are the keys to a healthy, happier, more just, more connected future. I see coaching as a means to empower people to fall back in love with and to regain trust in their bodies and abilities, which has ripple effects that go far beyond the physical or the right now.

My number one goal is to empower to ensure the shifts in mindset and fitness are intrinsically motivated. I am here to act as a guide for folks to find the worthiness, ability, and confidence that's been in them all along. I constantly refer back to the question "WHY?".

I work at Gymparty because Rusty began working for Janet at the start of the year as a coach for one of the corporate locations. We've known Janet for years and have watched her grow, learn, and stay steadfast in her morals and belief in herself. She's doing incredible things, and she respects and holds up her team. It's an incredible company to work with and community to be a part of. Janet is an incredible leader with a moral compass and vision that align with my own.

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