Janet Navarrette

Janet Navarrette

Chief Coacher

I'm Janet and you can say I'm a "Janet" of all trades. I've coupled my super power ability to get stuff done with my love of helping people to create a fully inclusive health and wellness community that's fun and sustainable. 

Being in a male dominant industry, this is definitely easier said than done. There have been moments where I've felt diminished based on my gender, my body, my emotions. In the past, I was convinced that in order to succeed or have any validation in this industry, I would have to be part of the boys club.

Never again! I started my own club and everyone is welcome! How we've been sold health and wellness is broken and I'm determined to undo the damage. 

On any given day, you can find me working on co-founder stuff, coaching class, or baking cookies for friends. I love a good salted-rim margarita on a warm summer day and I'm in a Disney gang called "The Glass Slippers".

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