Cheryl Licon Hargrove

Cheryl Licon Hargrove

Your Best Bud

I'm Cheryl.  Originally from Campbell. Went to school at UCLA for Political Science and Environmental Studies. However, it was my job at the Wooden Center (our gym) that ignited my passion for health and fitness. I took night classes on learning anatomy, biological systems, working with people in one-on-one and in group settings. Came back to the Bay Area (I love trees) and struggled between pursuing a job in corporate America vs. following my passion to teach Crossfit. 

Since my introduction to Crossfit/functional fitness in 2009, a lot has happened over the years. I've also pursued competitive endeavors (Crossfit Regionals Competitions, UCLA Powerlifting), explored the world of nutrition, got my dad into working out (69-years-young), met lifelong friends, found my husband, and had a baby!

My goals have shifted now. I work out to get sh*t done! To be able to do manual labor. To be able to keep up with my kid and carry him if he's tired. To be the most bada** and capable mom, daughter, wife, and person possible. I want to be that mom who makes her grown up kid and husband wonder why I can lift more weights than them! Baha!


  2. Crossfit L1, L2
  3. Crossfit Weightlifting
  4. International Sports Science Association Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

I coach because of YOU, the person reading this bio. I coach because I love working with people and also making them the most capable version of themselves. I coach because I like proving you wrong; helping you gain the physical & mental grit to perform tasks and overcome obstacles in your workouts and in your own life you never thought possible. 

My favorite way to work with clients is in person, but with the pandemic, I stay at home due to at-risk populations I come in contact with. My individual style is to make you as comfortable as possible. I like to teeter the line between coach, authority figure, friend, confidant, and sh*t talker. I'm not sure you've noticed, but I also swear sometimes. 😉

I like to coach most effectively by really knowing you, what makes you tick. I like to know your motivations and your "why" behind fitness/nutrition, because that is an individual's biggest, most motivating force, and everyone's is different.

I like to hold you to a high standard, but also pick you up if you're down. I want to build a lifelong connection with my athletes. I'm in this for the long run, just like you should be. 🙂

I work at Gymparty because Janet is my best friend. I worked with her for years prior to her establishing Gymparty and her work ethic and passion for people was similar to my own. When she started Gymparty, it was no question in my mind that I would follow her to not only pursue her dreams of starting this company to provide health and fitness to YOU, but to also lead a flock of other coaches who shared a similar passion; to be our fearless leader. Janet cares about EVERYONE and leads the company with this message: people first. It's only a perk that she's just a bada** business owner, coach, and friend (and also laughs at EVERYTHING).

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