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for People that Are ALlergic

We help you not hate fitness

Jen hated the idea of working out more than anyone we've ever met. Back pain brought her to us and, since joining, she's regained her mobility and turned that hatred into a mild dislike.

"My perception of working out was hardcore, balls-to-the-wall, intensity, and I am not that person. I'm a fun person. I'm not competitive. My goal is not to compete with anybody. Mine is all about strengthening and being able to be mobile and sit up in bed."

We asked her what's the coolest thing she's noticed now that she does Gymparty and she said "Everything, from picking up stuff at Costco to yard work to ... my whole life".

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Bruce S
Not Old, Experienced
“I love knowing that I’m getting a well-rounded workout that I not only feel good after, but also don't hurt myself since I’m 69 this year and don’t have any coach around to watch me! The group is really fun and supportive and I’m motivated to tell them how I did because everyone else is so encouraging.”
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We help you reduce quiet quitting

Gymparty is for more than families!

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For your longevity

We help seniors thrive

Bruce, like all of us, isn't getting any younger. He could have ended up stuck on the couch with limited mobility like so many others. But he didn't. By working with a coach and exercising with Gymparty he's able to play with his Grandkids and have a great quality of life.

"I am 69 years old and with the help of the coaches am able to do the exercises to my ability. Besides workouts they have many other classes that are easy to follow. Gymparty has made it possible for me to stay healthy and keep up with my 2-year old grandson." -- Bruce

P.S. Grandkids make great workout buddies.
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  4. Have fun!
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Kind Words From the Community

Cathy A
Sometimes Looks Forward to Burpees
“Thank you! I’m 51 and just now giving myself a break and embracing progress as it comes. Every day is a new day to make it work! Love the community and your approach to fitness and healthy eating!! You guys are doing great work!!”
Ashley P
Still a Badass
“This squad feels super chill and inviting. Not intimidating at all which is exactly what I need as I ease back and remove comparison from what I *used* to be able to do!”
Wendy V
Community Rockstar
“I highly recommend Gymparty for anyone looking to have fun, stay healthy (in ways that matter to you!) and participate in the community. Also, to have coaches that really care about you and your specific goals.”
Brian M
Drinks Beer, Does Fitness
“Even though we don’t workout together it’s amazing how much it feels like we are all part of ONE group.”
moms deserve something special

We help moms care for themselves

Carrie is a busy mom. She was pregnant with her second child and wanted to workout. But she was feeling alone and unmotivated. Rather than give up and give in to an unhealthy lifestyle she came to Gymparty for guidance in a safe, judgement-free, community loaded with positive support.

“I decided to ask for help to stay motivated through shelter-in-place and a second pregnancy. I was looking for a more personal workout regimen with higher accountability than I was getting from my normal (currently online) gym.

Gymparty has built a fun online community for their clients. They are responsive daily, and never fail help when you most need it.” -- Carrie
Carrie in a hospital bed holding her newborn child.